Best Flower Plants To Grow In Pot and That Bloom in Winter

Hi My gardener friends, hope you are reading this article on winter season or before winter to plan for your garden decoration. To be good and to feel good flowers plays a good role with every living being. Flowers make happy everyone and there is no such people who don’t like flower. If anyone hate flower which mean they also hates life. Life will be evergreen if your surroundings is full of colorful flowers. Flowers are the smile of nature. That tells us how beautiful the nature is! Here is some of my own planted winter plants that can grow easily on pot and can bloom through out the season. I have also shared some resource links where you can buy them from online stores. You can also collect these plants from your nearest nursery.

1. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums are flowering plants that are fit to grow in pot which belongs to genus Chrysanthemum in the family of Asteraceae. Mostly available in East Asia and Northen-East of Europe. Most of these varieties from China. In India the local name of this plant is “Sebati”. Sebati flowers are offered to Hindu Gods and in south Indian region you will get most flower shop near to temple have these flowers. These are really looks beautiful and it has a super bloom.

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While Blooming your Sebati (Chrysanthemum) plant may need extranal support as that becomes heavy in weight with full of flower bloom. According to the study report of US National Chrysanthemum Society, Inc. Chrysanthemum blooms in 13 different type. Each variety have their own blooming nature, the blooming type is defined as ray and disk florets are arranged. You can get various colour of Sebati flower, like white, yellow, orange, pink, red and more.

To grow Chrysanthemum you no need to add chemical fertilizers instead of you can use normal garden soil with compost. Add compost in 15 days of interval for best result.

2. Petunia

Petunia is one of the most beautiful blooming flower which can be used on hanging pots or you can get petunia tower pot from amazon. It loves to grow without rain water. Rain water is the enemy of petunia plant. Petunia cannot tolerate rain over it. So this plant can be survive for any season if it not directly contacted to rain.

Petunia flower also doesn’t need any chemical fertilizers you can grow these plants using your prepared soil. To prepare soil for petunia flower plant you need to add 50% of garden soil, 30% of sand, 20% cow dung or other natural compost. The soil mix is important for petunia. You should keep it on direct sun light to gain full day sun light which results more flower. You will love it’s blooming and flower quantity in your garden.

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Petunia is originated from South America. Petunia is genus of 20 species in the family Solanaceae.

3. Dahlia

Dahlia flower is also one of the best flowering plant for winter and starting of summer season. This is also doesn’t tolerate more rain water like petunia. Dahlia flower is so big and you must try in your garden. In market you can find a number of varieties. Both dahlia seeds and bulbs can be used to grow. Bulbs are stored from previous year.