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2.4Amp Charging Cable

70.00 40.00
Mobile charger usb cable with 2.4 amp current transfer and 5v current output. Available in two variant colour: black and white.

Mini Selfie Stick

120.00 80.00
PC Trader's mini selfie stick expandable up to 55cm.

MP3 Earphone

40.00 30.00
Cheapest mp3 earphone without mic first on internet with normal and good sound. Mp3 earphone with ear buds which will not make your ear trouble unlike other hard plastic ear buds. Use it with your feature phone, smart phone, ipod or tablet. 100% smooth and soft.

PC Trader’s 78cm Imported Selfie Stick

180.00 140.00
  • Length: 78cm
  • Warranty: No
  • Support: Universal Android Mobile Support

PC Trader’s U10 Music Stereo Headset

PC Trader's U10 original earphone is one of the high quality wired headset which have great audio output with perfumed body. Get it at cheapest price. Microphone: Yes Soft Ear Buds: Yes Warranty: No

Small Emergency Fan

350.00 200.00
This small portable fan is a most amazing product for your summer life. When you are experiencing power cuts or in travel time you can use this mini portable fan to stay cool even in high environment temperature. This is perfect fan for children.